Even with the best intentions you’re bound to reach a sticking point along your journey. Some people call this the plateau, or coasting, to others it’s a rut. Either way, there comes a point where the effort you were originally putting in doesn’t make the same difference as before. This is the point where you need to increase your effort to see results.

This IS extremely hard. You’ve spent all this time creating a new routine with a new focus  and now you need to reset the focus and routine again to reach the same goals you were already aiming for! (*sigh*)

Do not fret! REMEMBER:

You’ve already developed so much, your body has changed shape, your metabolism has increased, you’re adapting to a healthier you. Your 100% effort has already paid off! Now it’s time to see what your new 100% effort looks like.

To continue on your journey to harmony you need to keep improving yourself, work that body harder, eat that extra salad instead of packet of crisps you used to be able to get away with! (Yes I know all the tricks!) You’ve got to remember, that in the long run your mind and body will love you for this. 

Don’t feel disheartened if you’re still demotivated. It took me 3 months of coasting along before I admitted I needed to change something.

That’s why I started this blog! That’s why I joined the gym! And that is why, I am now going to make a motivation board.

I’ve been pinning on Pinterest, bought some gorgeous stationary supplies and saved a big cardboard box to create my own personalised motivation board to shift these lbs.

You don’t just need to want to lose weight to make use of a motivation board. Whether it’s health, study, work, or other personal goals, a motivation board is a great visual representation of your steps along the journey. Forward and backwards. There’s no hiding, there’s no excuses. So get to it!