Frankly we were a little disappointed with our fruit and veg boxes. They weren’t very exciting, especially given the price. No onions or garlic for a start, not that we’re complaining, because the 75% discount was exciting and a good deal for your first order. So for £8 it isn’t too shabby. But really, £28 of fruit, veg and dairy products should equate to more, right? Maybe I’m just being harsh, so we’ve decided to downgrade to a smaller and more affordable weekly veg box at £10 per week for 4 weeks to see how we go. I mean £5 each every week and supporting local farmers must be good. But we’re not millionaires, and we eat a lot of fruit and veg so it may be an unfeasible option long term.

Although it has sparked us to look for local farmers markets, so that will be the next adventure!