As we all know, happiness is a continual process, a journey of sorts, therefore not a destination. This does not mean unachievable by any means, all it takes is an awareness of fluidity and the motivation for development.

If you take this quote literally:

Your body is a temple

Then life could be pretty boring or enlightening, depending on how you look at it.

For me, I aspire to: ‘my body is a temple’, it’s a sacred space where I can return to the present me and love myself fully. But to be in a state of self-love we must always be moving forward, in body and in mind.

Now, this doesn’t just mean eating the right food and going to the gym. Our skin, our hair, our brains also need sustenance to grow, to survive.

I mean, I’ve started reducing the chemicals I put in my body, so it’s only natural (get it? Hah) that I start reducing the chemicals I put on my body (we all know these get absorbed into the body anyway). 

I will be attempting to make my own lotions and potions from a few key ingredients, keeping it as simple and natural as possible. Not only is this environmentally friendly, thrifty and creatively crafty, it’s an opportunity to learn more about my body and what it needs, as well as downsizing the bathroom shelves and cuboards of uncessary pots and bottles!

(I live in a constant state of confliction- I aspire to minimalism but am a self confessed hoarder, of the magpie variety) 

Therefore, along with my foodie adventures, I will be posting about my D.I.Y attempts of scrubs, washes and lotions.

Scrubs and lotions are first in the list and depending on how they go I will then move on to shampoo and conditioner, followed by some exciting treats like bath bombs, salts and bubbles.

So watch this space of experimentation, it may even rub off on you!