Sometimes life is exhausting. It doesn’t matter how much you ‘rest’, keep yourself busy or trundle along at a steady pace, sometimes you are just tired. All. The. Time. 

When this happens, everything is an effort. So we slowly fall back into old comforts. Old comforts = bad habits. 

I find the best thing to do during these times, is something completely different. If I’ve given up on the gym for the week, then going to one class can kick start the boost I need, or if I haven’t had any time to myself, then starting that new book is utterly libertating, or if my eating habits have slid down to hell where all the pizza and chocolate biscuits live, then I need to drastically change my eating regime. 

This is where I’m at right now. Drastic times = drastic measures

All the hard work and motivation I’ve had these past couple of weeks has deflated, which means my tummy is inflating. Those glorious lbs I’ve lost through sheer determination and hard work have made a smug reappearance. The old me would give up at this point, my ego is on the sofa eating chips and dips telling me ‘what’s the point fatty-boom-batty?’  

The new me, the developing self is clinging on to something, anything to pull me back from this decline. Telling me ‘okay, maybe you’ve put these lbs back on, but you’d have put even more on if you hadn’t have lost them in the first place’ 

Not much to go on, but enough it seems for now. For the next 10 days I’m going to try my upmost to live a carb free lifestyle. No bread, not pasta, no rice, no cous cous, no potatoes.

Sweet potatoes and carby veg are still allowed. So let’s see. I’ve just ha a small holiday and have another in 10 days, so this is me trying to pull it back and stay afloat. 

I’ll let you know how this journey goes.